Scheduled Maintenance

The best way to ensure you vehicle continues to perform like new is to follow a scheduled maintenance plan.

Scheduled maintenance helps reduce your fuel costs, keeps your emissions in check and minimizes your chance of unexpected and expensive repairs down the road. To become familiar with your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, be sure to read your owners manual carefully.

Universal Auto Techs can perform scheduled maintenance on any make or model. Avoid the high prices at the dealership. Simply give us a call or come in for a visit and we will get your car on a plan today.

Universal Auto Techs - Scheduled Automotive Maintenance
Universal Auto Techs - Scheduled Automotive Maintenance
Universal Auto Techs - Scheduled Automotive Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance for Specialty Vehicles

Some vehicle makes such as Mercedes and BMW require a little extra touch. Universal Auto Techs has the specialty tools and training in order to perform dealer level scheduled maintenance on such vehicles.

Scheduled Maintenance for BMW

If you own one of these ultimate driving machines, look no further then Universal Auto Techs for all your BMW Scheduled services and unexpected repairs. Our technicians are specialty trained to provide warranty approved A and B service on all BMW models.

Scheduled Maintenance for Mercedes

Your Mercedes is a high quality vehicle and demands the best service possible. Universal Auto techs understands this and is trained to maintain your Mercedes by providing the best warranty approved A and B scheduled maintenance for all Mercedes models.

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Scheduled Automotive Maintenance by Universal Auto Techs